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Online Rx – Oder prescription drugs online without doctor from Canada

Hello and welcome to Online  Rx – one of the most trusted and reliable online pharmacies worldwide. Online Rx is an international e-store that offers products and services worldwide. We offer cheap prescription medications and our wide range of products will surely provide you the medication you need. We are among the first distributors of high-quality drugs through the online platform. We supply approved and safe medications, directly from our partner manufacturers. At Online Rx, we don’t just deliver Rx medicines, we also ensure that you will be receiving cheap yet reliable generic Rx medicines as we only work with dependable pharmaceutical companies. Online Rx has been around since 2001, a pioneer in the online pharmacy business.

Online Rx started as a local drugstore in Canada in 1997. When the internet started to grow, we decided to grow with it hence our online pharmacy was born in 2001. For 17 years, we have been serving our happy customers and we want you to be one of them too!

Who Are We

Our goal is to provide you, our customer the best medication at the lowest price possible. We understand the hassle of ordering medications from a local drugstore, the time it takes to queue and wait for your turn to be served and the time it takes to travel to and fro. With the price of gasoline continuously increasing, we want to help you and eliminate such hassles.

Online Rx is an online pharmacy that you can trust in terms of reliable shipping, delivering safe and effective medications, and helpful customer service. Our shelves come with hundreds of different common prescription medicines and we offer different generic brands of popular drugs to give you more options.

We are a Canadian online pharmacy that offers some of the cheapest drugs on the web. We have a solid foundation and partnership with different pharmaceutical companies around the world hence we are able to get their medicines at the cheapest price possible, and pass it to our consumers at a very affordable price. We believe that our customers are not just looking for cheap medications as they also value effectiveness and reliability hence we only work with known and trusted pharmaceutical companies. We believe that a happy and satisfied customer means another loyal customer to our company.

Why Choose Online Rx

The internet is a place where anyone can find anything. If you need food, clothes, bags or medicines, you can just surf the internet and have any of these delivered to your home. In terms of medications, the first online pharmacies were local drugstores who offered mail-order drugs. Because of the increased demand for such service, online pharmacies were born. To date, the Food and Drug Administration has reported that there are at least four thousand online pharmacies on the web and we are one of them. Why choose us?

Here are some of the reasons why we believe that Online Rx is your best choice for an online drugstore:

  • At Online Rx, we only deliver safe, genuine, and effective medicines
  • At Online Rx, we only partner with reliable pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies
  • At Online Rx, we provide deals and promotions to help you deal with the increasing price of prescription medicines
  • At Online Rx, we offer affordable drugs
  • At Online Rx, we only offer FDA approved drugs
  • At Online Rx, we have a wide range of products for both branded and generic medications
  • At Online Rx, all orders are discreetly packed and ship
  • At Online Rx, all orders are backed up by a money back guarantee
  • At Online Rx, all orders are backed up by a satisfaction guarantee
  • At Online Rx, all orders are backed up by a guaranteed shipping
  • At Online Rx, we have clear policies when it comes to returning orders or requesting a refund
  • At Online Rx, we don’t require a prescription because we trust that you already talk to your doctor before placing an order (if not, do so before taking any medication)
  • At Online Rx, we keep your information confidential
  • Online Rx don’t tolerate spamming practices
  • At Online Rx, we offer bonuses and promotions that will surely keep you coming back for more

Why Choose a Canadian Online Pharmacy

If you are looking for cheap medicines, you can find it in Canada. On the contrary, you can find the most expensive drugs in the US, just a few miles in the northern part of Canada. Because of the expensive drugs in the US, Americans are crossing borders to get their prescription filled in Canada. Canadian medicines are not just cheap, they are also effective. The only difference between the US and Canada is that drug prices in Canada are regulated. The Canadian government is the one deciding for the price hence it is cheaper. The government of Canada wants their people to have access to any medications they need. Even imported drugs are under the supervision of the Canadian government to ensure that all prices are in check.

In order to help more people, not just Americans that can easily cross borders, some pharmacists and doctors from Canada decided to use the internet to widen their reach. The advent of online pharmacies surely allowed more people to gain access to expensive medications without cutting an arm and a leg.

What We Offer

Online Rx is a place where you can find a long list of generic medicines. We strongly believe that a generic medicine has the same efficacy as its branded counterpart. A generic drug is an exact copy of its brand-name drug. It has the same active ingredient and was manufactured using the same processes. The only difference between a generic and a branded drug are color, shape, packaging, and price.

Most drugs, especially new ones are protected by a patent. A patent means that the manufacturing company is the only allowed company to produce and sell the said drug because they are the one who spent time and money in research, clinical trials, and having the said drug approved. One example is Viagra (erectile dysfunction drug). Viagra is a patented product of Pfizer from 1998 (the time it was approved by the FDA) until 2017. It means that the only erectile dysfunction drug available for public back then is Viagra until Eli Lilly came up with its own ED drug called Cialis. From 1998 to 2017, it is illegal to buy and sell generic Viagra in the US. However, there are some countries with a more relax drug law like India where the development of patented drugs is not prohibited. As early as 2000, India has produced, manufactured, and sold generic Viagra products.

Here in our online store, we offer both branded and generic medications. We believe that every customer has the right to choose the brand of medication they want. We offer affordable medicines yet if you will order generic brands, then the price is even cheaper.

We Offer Cheap Generic Medicines and We Make Them Cheaper

Our online dispensary has a shelf full of stocks of generic medicines. We don’t just offer one generic brand for each brand-name medicine, as much as we can, we offer different generic brands for each drug. Take for example our offer for Viagra, we have more than 10 brands of generic Viagra to give our ED patients more choices in choosing the best medicine that works for them.

Aside from offering low priced-drugs, here are some of the ways that we make our medicines cheaper:

  • Free shipping – we offer free shipping on all eligible orders. If your order is above $200, then we will deliver your order free of charge. Normally, shipping costs $20 to $40. Imagine what you can buy with an extra $40!
  • Free pills – at Online Rx, we believe in giving back to customers who have been supporting and trusting us and we show this by giving free pills on all orders. We want you to have free access to some ED pills that you might find interesting and effective.
  • Sample packs – what are sample packs for? This is for ED patients who cannot decide yet on the ED brand to trust and use. With ED sample packs that you can get at very low prices, you won’t have to waste your money ordering a pack of this and that, our ED trial pack will allow you to try a few ED brands so you can check which one works best.

Our Best Offers

In 1997, Online Rx was just a small drugstore operating in one of the towns in Canada. When we started our online store in 2001, we offered everything that we have in our drugstore. As the years’ pass, we realized that some medicines are more popular online than locally. For example, since we started, our bestsellers have been erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are the most searched and most ordered type of medications online. Our research told us that we should invest in this hence we started partnering with Indian pharmaceutical companies to get the best deals for generic erectile dysfunction drugs. This is the reason for our wide range of ED medicines at very affordable prices. Our direct partnership with Indian manufacturers allowed us to get these medicines at a very low price so we can offer them to you without costing your arm and your leg.

Why men prefer to order ED medicines online?

Men with erectile dysfunction won’t even admit to their loved ones that they are suffering from impotence, how much more with a strange doctor? With millions of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, it is said that only three in ten men talk to a doctor to get medication. Most of them rely on the internet and with online pharmacies. Even to this day and time, erectile dysfunction is still considered as being less of a man.

Men with erectile dysfunction also find the convenience of ordering online as the main catalyst. With a computer or phone and an internet connection, they can have their medication delivered to their doorstep anytime. This is the reason why at Online Rx, we don’t ask for a prescription, we believe that you have done your assignment and made your own research before ordering an ED drug. Still, we recommend that you talk to a health professional before taking any drug especially if you have other medical conditions.

Top Three ED Drugs

Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra have always been on our bestsellers list since we started our online drugstore. These ED drugs work in the same way – as a PDE5 inhibitor, a muscle relaxant, and a regulator of blood flow to give the user a longer and harder erection. They have the same mechanism of action and varies only with the active ingredient they possess and their prices.

The first ED drug that was approved among the three is Viagra. Viagra has been dubbed as the ‘miracle pill’ and ‘blue pill’ among ED patients. This medicine is a product of Pfizer and approved by the FDA in 1998. It works for four hours upon intake and takes only 30 minutes for the action to start. It is best taken on an empty stomach with a success rate of up to 82%. As of this writing, a generic Viagra costs $0.27 per tablet in our store with the branded one costing $2.56 per tablet. Other generic brands of Viagra costs less than $2. The active ingredient of Viagra is sildenafil citrate.

A direct competitor of Viagra is Cialis (Tadalafil). Cialis is a product of Eli Lilly and has been dubbed as the ‘weekend pill.’ This medicine works up to 36 hours with an effect that kicks in 30 minutes after taking it in. This drug is also an approved ED medication.

Another FDA approved ED drug is Levitra. The active ingredient of this medicine is Vardenafil. So far, this is the least popular of the three. The price of Vardenafil is quite high as well. Vardenafil needs up to 60 minutes for it to start working and works for up to 4 hours.

Aside from these three ED drugs, our bestsellers also include common antibiotics and pain medications. We offer Clomid, Doxycycline, Propecia, Amoxil, Prednisone, Zithromax, Nolvadex, and Cipro at the lowest price possible.

What Do Our Customers Say

Online Rx has been operating for years and we attribute our successful operation to our customers. Here are some of the things that our customers have to say about our service.

We have Matthew from the US who said that our delivery service was okay while Simona, another customer from the US said her order was delivered on time. We understand the urgency of having your medicines at hand hence we try our best to deliver them on time.

We also have Smith from the UK who shared that he had a great experience ordering from us while Sarah from Spain loves our courteous and helpful support team. We also have a customer from Sweden who shared her experience saying that the medicine she received was good.

Our customers are from different countries and we are proud to say that they are happy and satisfied with the product and service they are receiving from us. Again, we thank you for continuously supporting our e-store.

We Hate Spam

We at Online Rx does not practice spamming our customers with phone calls and emails. If you receive an unwanted email from us, send it back to our customer care team and we will address the issue. The only information we collect is your IP address through cookies but not your personal information such as email or phone number, especially not your credit card information.

Our Policies

Because we offer guaranteed delivery wherever you are, we also want to ensure that our service and products are not taken advantage of. We stayed in this business this long because we always conduct a fair business with our customers.

In case of non-delivery of orders due to uncontrolled forces like custom hold or courier problem, we can gladly reship your order free of charge. If the cause of non-delivery was your fault because you gave us an incorrect or incomplete address, the re-shipping fee will be shouldered by you.

As promised, we have satisfaction guarantee hence in any case that you are not satisfied with our product, let us know and we will talk to you about the best way to resolve it. We can either ship you a new one or issue you a refund. However, make sure that your argument is valid and that you are not just wasting our time and effort in providing best customer service to our customers.

For a more detailed policy, you can check it in our Policy page which you can find on our website. We at Online Rx wants the best for you because if you are happy and satisfied, then it means you will come back for more, which is best for us.

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